Super Series

The Super Series tournaments are ideal for players taking their first steps into competition and those that like to compete regualry.

The Super Series is aimed at National Tennis Association East Tennis players and the emphasis is on putting the things you have learned in your lessons into action. Each event is run by a National Tennis Association East Tennis coach at one of our venues.

We run 3 Super Series per year which run in line with the terms (Spring, Summer, Winter), each series has 5 - 8 events. Every player that plays is awarded a number of points for where they finish in the event and at the end of the series we hold the Grand Finals for the top point scorers.

The Grand Finals is a fun end of the series event and is naturally competitive as it is complete with the highest point scorers. It is important to us that we teach children how to compete, this means learning how to win but also how to lose. So dont worry we are more then experienced in managing tears and a little fear factor!


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